School Partners
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School Partners

Photography has become the most common visual medium to communicate, document and file the world. It is an essential part of our universe and its creative possibilities in recent years have multiplied.

A society based on visual media requires the interaction of organizations that develop educational processes based on image and photography to generate greater knowledge, innovation and critical thinking.

For this reason, Foto Colectania, within its School Partner Program, develops a series of specific programs in collaboration with educational centres.

The Schools participating in the Program enjoy the following benefits:

Mention on the honorific plaque of the Foundation
School logo on the foundation's website, with a link to the corporate website
• Participation in The Projector cycle
Guided tour for students to all our exhibitions, as well as a visit to the chamber housing the Collection of the Foundation and the Paco Gómez Archive
Free admission: Teachers and students will have free access to all exhibitions
Specialized library: Teachers and students of the partner school will have the specialized library of Foto Colectania at their disposal
Review of portfolios: The Foto Colectania team will advise students selected by the schools with a final review of their portfolios
Educational collaboration agreement: The students of the School Partners are offered an internship at the Foundation.
• Two representatives of the schools can participate in the exclusive activities of the Foto Colectania Partners program (previews, activities, visits to artists and collectors)
2 VIP cards
15 free tickets for each exhibition
Tax incentives: The contributions made by the School Partners are subject to the relevant tax benefits stipulated in the law of patronage and sponsorship

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