Corporate Partners

The support of enterprises, through the figure of the Corporate Partner, is vital to continue developing the different areas of Foto Colectania. In this way they contribute to:

Spread the Collection | Develop Centre Programs | Promote Educational Projects

Enterprises that participate in the Corporate Partner Program can enjoy the following benefits:

Mention on the honorific plaque of the Foundation.
Company logo on the foundation's website, with a link to the corporate website.
Use of Foto Colectania’s space for private events or receive advice on collecting photography.
• Invitation to the exclusive activities of the Partners program.
Priority information of our programming.
• 2 VIP cards on behalf of the company, which allow free entry to the center, as well as participation to the exclusive activities of the Membership Program.
• 15 free tickets for each exhibition.
• The minimum fee is € 2,000. Such contribution is subject to tax deductions of between 35% and 40%, depending on the circumstances of each enterprise.